248 ounces in stones, pounds

The weight conversion results are shown in all common weight measurements and are given to 10 decimal places.

248 ounces in stones, pounds & ounces

Imperial pounds ( 0.45359237 kg ) are used by:
United States of America, South Africa, United Kingdom, Eire, India, Canada, Australia and other former British colonies.

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This is the formula to convert grams into ounces
Grams X 0.0353 equals ounces
248 g = 8.7544 oz
Answer = int(248 * .0353) [8 oz]

This is how to calculate ounces to pounds and ounces (rather than decimal fractions of a pound)
oz_start = 8
lb_calc = int(oz_start/16) [therefore lb_calc == 0 lb]
oz_calc = 8 - (lb_calc * 16) [therefore oz_calc = 8 oz]
Answer = lb_calc, oz_calc [0 lb, 8 oz]

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