88.40 grams into stones, pounds & ounces

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88.40 grams in stones, pounds, ounces

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Our results are calculated as stones, pounds (lb) and ounces (oz), not as decimal fractions of a pound (0.nn lb).

Countries where pounds and ounces are commonly used:
United States of America (USA) , South Africa, United Kingdom (UK), Eire (ROI), India, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Measuring liquids
A rough guide when you are measuring liquids: 1 ml of water equals 1 gram, 1 litre of water weighs approx 1 kilo - other liquids may differ.

Converting grams into ounces, the maths
Times grams by 0.0353 to convert grams into ounces
88 g = 3.1064 oz
Answer = int(88 * .0353) [3 oz]

Here are the calculations used to convert ounces to pounds and ounces
oz_start = 3
lb_calc = int(oz_start/16) [therefore lb_calc == 0 lb]
oz_calc = 3 - (lb_calc * 16) [therefore oz_calc = 3 oz]
Answer = lb_calc, oz_calc [0 lb, 3 oz]

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